We invite you to learn about RIScloud, the next generation of cloud computing for the Risk, Insurance and Safety Community from Aon eSolutions — the original, and still the best, cloud provider in this space.

RIScloud defined

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RIScloud is the Aon eSolutions technology infrastructure that Aon eSolutions uses to deliver hosted business solutions to the risk, insurance and safety management community.

Aon eSolutions is the original cloud provider to the risk, insurance and safety community.

We originally took our hosted-solutions clients online in 2001 before the cloud was called the cloud. Recently, the cloud has become the dominant method of delivering business solutions and is likely to remain so for the foreseeable future. Our strategic focus around product and service leadership has led us to our next-generation cloud solution. We believe this platform demonstrates what makes Aon eSolutions unique and why Riscloud is the smartest choice for the risk, insurance and safety community.

RIScloud demonstrates ...


Cloud computing has evolved quickly, and it has become a ubiquitous, often confusing term. With RIScloud, Aon eSolutions is again setting the standard for what cloud computing should be for the risk, insurance and safety community. We are establishing the proper controls, security levels, transparency and performance expectations based on the community’s needs.

How our applications fit in the RIScloud picture

RIScloud is the vehicle Aon eSolutions uses to develop, host and deliver our applications—RiskConsole, iVOS and SafetyLogic as well as Aon’s WorldAware and ClaimsMonitor—to clients.

Think of RIScloud as the central platform on which our applications run. For clients, RIScloud has been designed to enhance application performance and data security. For Aon eSolutions employees, RIScloud has been designed to optimize product management, IT development, database administration, client management and other functions.

The value of cloud computing in general and RIScloud in particular

When organizations utilize the cloud for the development, hosting and management of their specialized business solutions, they cut costs and improve the speed to implementation of those solutions. RIScloud delivers value and efficiencies tailored specifically for the risk, insurance and safety community. Moreover, RIScloud is unsurpassed in its ability to meet the risk, insurance and safety community’s application needs as well as the community’s need to protect sensitive, highly regulated data.

The value of a RIS-specific cloud offering

Aon eSolutions manages and controls RIScloud in its entirety. This means we are unrestricted when it comes to meeting the current and future needs of the risk, insurance and safety community. Other providers outsource key components of their cloud infrastructure, including networks, servers, databases and application platforms. As a result, those providers are limited in the features, functionalities and security they can offer. By contrast, RIScloud enables us to anticipate and meet the risk, insurance and safety community’s needs when and how we choose.

Understanding the RIScloud logo

The three large circles in the middle of the logo represent the elements of the community RIScloud serves: risk, insurance and safety.

The outer circles represent the partners and resources RIScloud brings in for the community’s benefit.

The outer line represents the single-community focus of RIScloud as well as the security and single-source management, accountability and transparency that RIScloud provides.

RIScloud compared ...


Unlike newer cloud-based providers, Aon eSolutions designed and built RIScloud as a comprehensive, end-to-end system specifically for the risk, insurance and safety community. We control, manage and provision every facet of RIScloud, which means that Aon eSolutions alone is fully accountable to our hosted clients.

A community built in the clouds

RIScloud is based upon a "community" model, which stands in sharp contrast with another prominent choice, the commodity cloud (historically called the public cloud). Unlike RIScloud, commodity clouds outsource vital functions like hosting, storage and application development, which creates exposures and accountability concerns around service levels, security, compliance and privacy.

Cloud computing risks

There are always risks when an organization hands over data to a cloud provider. This is especially true for the risk, insurance and safety community, which manages sensitive, highly regulated data. Because RIScloud is a comprehensive, end-to-end cloud solution managed and controlled by Aon eSolutions, RIScloud best mitigates the exposures inherent in hosting, transmitting and storing data.

RIScloud and ...


When it benefits the community we serve, RIScloud is able to bring in partners and resources that improve our cloud solution’s business value. These partners and resources meet the security standards and technical protocols that we have established for RIScloud, and their presence in the community is fully transparent to clients.

RIScloud can connect to client networks

Some organizations may still be reluctant to enlist a third-party data-hosting provider. Although RIScloud best mitigates the security and privacy concerns in cloud solutions, we can offer clients a solution that no other provider in this space can provide: a private circuit connection between our system and the client’s network that does not utilize any Internet connection.

RIScloud and ...


Aon eSolutions' new, state-of-the-art data center, which went online in the summer of 2011, is foundational to RIScloud. We designed and built the new data center from the ground up for the risk, insurance and safety community. All data center hardware, software and peripherals are owned and operated exclusively by Aon eSolutions.

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